Zero Zero Robotics Raised $25M for Self-flying Camera

Ludovic Privat

Chinese startup Zero Zero Robotics today announced it has raised $25 Million in total funding - including a $23 Million Series A round - to build consumer-friendly flying smart robotics.

The funding was participated in by venture capital firms IDG, GSR Ventures, ZhenFund and ZUIG, among others.

Zero Zero Robotics also unveiled the company's first product, Hover Camera, a lightweight foldable drone that can be easily carried around.

Hover Camera has been built using the Snapdragon Flight, a drone development platform from Qualcomm targeted specifically for drone applications. Snapdragon Flight features the Snapdragon 801 2.3Ghz Quad-Core processor, with GPS, 4K video capture, and connectivity.

Hover Camera uses computer vision technology (SLAM - simultaneous localization and mapping), rather than GPS (even if GPS is onboard), to position itself in space and keep the user at the center of the picture at all times.

Hover Camera Product Features:
- 13 MP Photos & 4K Video: Capture and relive your memories in lifelike quality
- Follow Your Face and Body: Tracks your face and body to always keep you in the picture, even on the go
- Electronic Image Stabilization: Uses proprietary technology to intelligently and digitally stabilized photos and video, correcting camera shakes or jitters from the final footage
- Release & Hover: As soon as you let go, Hover Camera will hover steady in place to allow you to quickly and easily capture any moment
- Throw & Balance: Throw Hover Camera and it will intuitively balance itself for the best shot
- Portable & Lightweight: At just 238 grams (below the FAA 250 gram Hobbyist Drone Registration weight limit), Hover Camera is truly portable
- 360 Pano: Spinning while in a fixed position, Hover Camera captures 360 degrees of panoramic video footage
- Self-Positioning: Using sonar and a ground facing camera, Hover Camera hovers in place so that it's able to be positioned "anywhere" in space like an invisible tripod, even in windy conditions.

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