SkyTraq Introduces 3D Dead Reckoning GNSS Receiver

Ludovic Privat

Taiwanese fabless GNSS maker SkyTraq has introduced a new GNSS receiver (S1722DR8) with 3D dead reckoning that integrates 3-axis gyroscope/accelerometer and barometric pressure sensor.

“Using wheel/speed data from vehicle to perform sensor-fused solution, S1722DR8 achieves 100% coverage,“ said SkyTraq.

The S1722DR8 is compact in size, measuring 17mm x 22mm. It offers continuous navigation even in GPS signal denied environments such as tunnels or underground parking lot. Augmented by gyroscope and accelerometer sensor data, it is also ideal for vehicle insurance accident reconstruction applications.

S1722DR8 engineering sample, evaluation kit, and datasheet are available in May. Volume delivery to customers begins in June 2016. S1722DR8 is manufactured in ISO/TS 16949 automotive-certified factory.

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