OMATA One: the Stylish GPS for Cyclists

Ludovic Privat

Los Angeles-Based startup OMATA has announced a nice looking GPS Speedometer for cyclist called OMATA One that costs $499.

The OMATA one shows speed, distance, time and vertical ascent through a nicely designed analog user interface. However, behind that the system comes with a 72 channel GNSS receiver (with power for 24 hours GPS reception) as well as Bluetooth Smart.

The data can be exported to a website whre all gathered information are plotted on a map.

OMATA One: the Stylish GPS for Cyclists
Unlike many other bike computers this device is focussing on design and simplicity. One might found it a bit expensive, but comparing to the price of a high end bike that is not unreasonable.

Michael Halbherr, former CEO of Nokia HERE, and now a business angel, is a co-founder and investor in the company, the two other co-founders are former Nokia employees.

OMATA has launched their device on Kickstarter this week.

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