Invensense Launches SDK For Inertial Positioning In Sport Apps & Watches

Ludovic Privat

MEMS sensor vendor Invensense has launched last week Coursasports, a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) to improve location accuracy (therefore speed & distance) and reduce battery consumption in smartphone and smartwatch health and fitness apps.

The platform is designed to provide more accurate and always available speed, distance, and route tracking and claims at least a 3X improvement in relative elevation reporting for walking, hiking and running at up to 50% reduced power consumption.

The Coursa Sports SDK uses advanced algorithms that take sensor data from the mobile device gyroscope, accelerometer, and barometric pressure sensor to generate an inertial tracking data flow that is combined with GNSS data.

The pricing is set per “session hour“ starting at $0.03 for realtime speed, average speed, maximum speed and total distance.

This sensor fusion technology is based on research done by Trusted Positioning, a Canadian startup acquired by Invensense. The first outcome of this technology was presented at the last Mobile World Congress (watch our video here).

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