Call for Speakers - Geo IoT World - June 11-13 Brussels

Ludovic Privat

Next June 11-13 in Brussels, the 3rd edition of Geo IoT World will explore further the power of location at the intersection of IoT and analytics.

The prospects for Geo IoT innovation are very exciting: by the end of 2020, approximately 5 billion IoT devices will be critically dependent on Geolocation data, and 10 billion will potentially include GeoData according to Machina Research.

The conference has extended its call for speakers for a few days, allowing professionals to share their vision and expertise in location, navigation and tracking leveraging High-Precision GNSS, BLE Beacons, Computer Vision, SLAM, UWB, LPWAN/Mobile IoT, Location intelligence, crowdsourcing, etc
Check out the call for speakers:

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