AND Posts Revenue of €6M, Profit of €3.2M in 2015

Ludovic Privat

Dutch digital map vendor AND announced preliminary, unaudited revenue of €6.0 million and profit of €3.2 million for the year 2015.

AND realizes a strong growth in revenue and profit compared to 2014 (revenue of €4.8 million and a profit of €2.6 million). The final 2015 results will be published on 17 March 2016.

AND also announced that it has entered into an agreement to license mapping data to “one of the largest European internet companies.“ The license agreement includes AND's worldwide digital maps.

The signed contract will contribute substantially to revenue in 2016, the company explained. As a result of this new contract, as well as other contracts, AND has already locked in revenue for 2016 of at least €6.5 million.

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